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Our online workshop provides a dynamic and supportive environment to help you learn and develop your job interview skills.The aim of our workshop is to empower you with the success principals of a job interview and leave you feeling more confident, prepared and in control of your own destiny.

Why are our workshops different ?

We help you understand the process, expectations and etiquette of a job interview, enabling you put your best foot forward. You can spend hours Googling Job Interview techniques, only to end up more confused and anxious than when you started, we help you focus your energy on knowing the right stuff. Modules are structured to take you through the flow of a job interview and prepare for every step of the interview process; Understand the 7 key motivators that ultimately control an employer's decision to employee a particular candidate.Download tools and checklists that allow you to prepare your interview strategy, rehearsal scripts and your professional billboard.Techniques for managing nerves.What you need to know about the people interviewing you.How to create a positive lasting first impression and understanding basic body language.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete. If you chose not to complete the course in one sitting you can return and continue where you left off
Who is best suited to the course ?
New job seekers - Returning to the jobs market - New Australians - School Leavers - Sick & tired of knock backs - Contemplating a job change - People wanting to ensure they put their best foot forward.

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